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Top 3 reasons to have a photo booth for your wedding

“So take the photographs and still frames in your mind

Hang it on a shelf, of good health and good time.” ~Greenday

Anything that helps us capture the good memories is a blessing. Photography is one medium which helps us keep the memories alive. Whether it is your marriage or your child’s birth, the celebration is incomplete without pictures.

If your wedding is around the corner and you haven’t planned this aspect yet, we would advise you to go for a wedding photo booth hire. Here we give you a list of advantages offered by a photo booth:

  1. It engages the guests

By including a photo booth, you are adding a fun element to your wedding. Whether it is your wedding or any other occasion, it is important to ensure that your guests have a good time. Also, a photo booth ensures that every single person in the wedding is captured in pictures. There won’t be any guests complaining that they were missed out in photographs.

  1. It gives you fond memories

Good memories are imprinted in our minds but there are some moments that we tend to forget. Capturing them with a camera is one of the best ways to keep such moments alive.

  1. It is affordable

Photo booths are convenient and affordable. Many photo booths give you multiple prints for each and every guest in the picture in a pocket-friendly budget. Still not convinced? You can use these photographs as a gift for the guests which means you save even more.


The convenience and affordability of a photo booth is hard to beat. So what are you waiting for? If your wedding is around the corner, then it is time to plan everything before the big day arrives. And when it comes to planning, do not forget to hire a photo booth.

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Modern Photo Booth Features for Added Fun & Excitement

Photo booths offer a great way to take pictures at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events or any other social gathering. Easy to install and convenient to use, modern photo booths are finding favour with almost every party host.

If you have never hired a wedding photo booth in London or anywhere else, here’s why you should. Modern photobooths have amazing features that would engage your guests and create a great party environment. Take a look at some of the features photobooths these days are designed with:

#1 Face Morphing

It’s a unique feature that instantly allows you to morph between two different photos to get amazing results. You can create an album of morphed photos and hand its copies over to your guests later on.

#2 Meme Creator

Memes are so much in vogue these days that you find plenty of them on the internet. Why not create your own Meme to entertain your friends and all your instagram followers? Modern photobooths enable you to do so.

#3 Instant Social Media Uploads

Yes, a photobooth is capable of uploading your pictures instantly to your social media profile. Modern photobooths have built-in Email, Facebook, Twitter and many more plug-ins that share your pictures with the world instantly.

#4 GIF Creation

You can use your multiple photos to create a GIF for stunning imagery. You may also add multiple animated filters for a layered effect.


If these wonderful photobooth features won’t make your guests happy, we don’t know what will. For more information on photo booths, feel free to get in touch with us.

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Wedding Photobooth Hertford

Photo booth hertford

When Annette contacted us for a Photobooth for her wedding at the Millstream in Hereford she was happy we had our classic Photo booth available for the day, as she had seen some of our work before and would like us to create something unique for her for her wedding. We set out to get more details of the plans for her wedding to match theme as well as have something different.

We designed a custom template, which was absolutely beautiful, personalized with her choice of text. Of a particular concern to Annette was the venue, as it presented a few challenges. We suggested a few ideas to make the whole setup process seamless. We also advised that the space available wasn’t an issue at all, and that event though the booth takes a small space, a few people can fit in for a group picture.

Its safe to say the wedding was amazing and the service  was very well received! People of all ages kept coming for more pictures. The Photo Guest book we provided was filled with beautiful pictures and some ridiculous personal messages to the Bride and Groom.


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London Photo Booth

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Photo Booth London

Megagen UK had our photo booths for the party element of their symposium at the Park Plaza Riverbank, London. With Audience coming from both far and near, they provided them with great entertainment to commemorate the 2-day event. As always, Occasion Photo Booth didn't disappoint with their Photo entertainment. For many, it was their first time in a Photo Booth. We are happy we have left them with everlasting memories!!